Can you repair hail damage to ranch buildings?

Hail Damage to Roofing and Siding


If your farm home, ranch house, barn, out building or other metal building was compromised in the recent weather events here in Dillon, MT and throughout the Beaverhead Valley we can offer the best of the best in siding and roofing solutions. Hopefully we can answer some questions or concerns you may have about roof repair or replacement, and provide some viable siding and roofing options that are worthy of looking into. 

One question that I hear all the time is, “we have heard of paint less dent repair at the auto body shop, does that work on metal roofing and steel siding?” Insurance companies like to tell you that is does, but does it really? Well it works great on cars and pick-ups but the issue  is a difference in the gauge of metal used in cars and the paint systems used on the different steel siding and metal roofing products. And the paint is the big difference. Typically automotive paint system is a softer paint, more flexible, and multi-layered. When a automobile suffers a dent or ding the paint is typically not shattered or fractured. They call it paint less dent repair because typically the paint isn’t damaged. With your typical steel siding or metal roofing the steel is a 24-29 gauge steel, autos are usually 16-20 gauge steel. This means that metal roofing materials and sidings are lighter in weight however the paint is harder and designed to resist scratching, and fading. As roofing contractors working in hail devastated regions we have seen roofs punctured thru by hail, but mostly they are just dented up a bit. Well then, wouldn’t it be easier to pop a dent out of the lighter metal roof than it would be a car? Well, yes and no, what happens on impact it that the paint is shattered or spidered. When the dent pops out, so does the paint or coating. 

As metal roofing contractors specializing in Dillon, MT roof repair and replacement we usually don’t consider insurance companies recommendations when it comes to paint less dent repair. If you are working with an insurance adjuster to restore your home to is original beauty and condition we can help. We are experts dealing with insurance claims and helping you walk through the process. Give us a call or drop us a line today!

fractured paint on metal roofing due to hail
fractured paint on metal roofing due to hail

What is the cost of Metal Roofing

Does Metal Roofing Cost More than Shingles


What is the Cost of Metal Roofing 

One question that always comes up when discussing building repairs, damaged siding or roofing, and insurance claims is what does a metal roof cost? Or what is the cost of metal roofing? At America’s Choice we want you to know the facts concerning metal roofing quality, your choices available, what types of metal roofing may be the best for you and your home, and the overall value versus costs of metal roofing. 

As metal roofing contractors we believe a concealed fastener roofing system, standing seam panels, or stamped metal shingles is your best value, cost and quality wise. We know that exposed fastener systems have never stood the test of time for several reasons. The old saying, nothing is more expensive than cheap is reinforced constantly with exposed fastener systems like Tuff-Rip or other flat metal systems that are fastened thru the face or surface using grommets or screws and washers. A flat metal sheet will expand and contract at different temperatures than whatever it is fastened to, wood, steel, aluminum. Thus it slowly loosens the fasteners over time. Eventually the sun’s ultra violet rays will deteriorate the washers. And needless to say, your flat metal roof will need a lot of maintenance over the years, and this needs to be considered when evaluating the overall cost of metal roofing. 

Most quality Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems or Stamped Shingles can initially be priced at $700 to $1,400 per square compared to $400 to $900 per square for quality asphalt shingles. The initial cost of metal roofing can be double or triple the price of asphalt shingles. However the overall costs of metal roofing make it more and more popular as a roofing solution, both for residential and commercial roofing. 

Our Montana Insurance commissioner suggests an asphalt roofing system will have to be replaced every 7-10 years, whereas a metal roofing system has an expected life span of over 50 years. The exceptional strength and durability of quality metal roofing systems will not only stand the test of time, but as an investment they pay off in many ways. First off, it is a onetime investment, compared to a recurring expense every 7-10 years. Also expect to qualify for insurance company discounts, increased energy efficiency, and little or no maintenance over the lifespan of your metal roof. 

Get our FREE Comprehensive Metal Roofing Buyer’s Guide by subscribing by email below. We look forward to visiting with you about our best siding & roofing solutions available today. When it comes to Dillon, MT roof repair and replacement we are your experts throughout the Beaverhead Valley. 

Metal Roofing in the Beaverhead Valley, Dillon, MT.
Metal Roofing in the Beaverhead Valley, Dillon, MT.

Consider your options

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What Types of metal roofing is right for me and my home?

Everlasting Steel


Our metal roofs are as strong as steel because they are steel.  Typically, the shingle consists of several layers. At the core is what is called Galvalume Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coated steel Sheets are galvanized with both zinc and aluminum. This system of galvanizing the metal roof panel insures the durability and heat resistance. One of the benefits of Stone Coated Metal Roofing, Standing Seam, Mechanical Lock metal roofing  is that metal will keep your attic up to 30% cooler, reducing the load on your HVAC units, Saving you money now and in the future. 

Let's Talk about Steel

America's Choice steel roofing installers working in Dillon and Great Falls

Steel is the fastest growing material in roofing today and provides innovative charm and everlasting protection for home and ranch owners alike. EDCO’s award-winning collection of metal roofing products like Infinite Textured Shake, ArrowLine Shake & Slate, and Generations HD, offer timeless beauty to achieve the look you desire in Dillon, MT and throughout the Beaverhead Valley. When your home is your castle, and you know exactly what you want EDCO/ArrowLine  is a permanent metal roofing solution. Learn more about metal roof cost here.

Quick and Easy Installs


Installation is a key component when insuring your new roof will last a life time. When I comes to roofing it is all in the install. Whether a roofing installer is installing Standing Seam Metal roofing panels or a stamped metal shingle, or Stone Coated Metal roofing, roofing contractors alike know that that is true. Although metal shingles and Standing Seam can be installed with as little as four tools, it is not suggested that metal roofing is NOTa DIY project.  Learn  more about metal roof cost and

Check out metal shingle ease of installation here. 

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems


Standing Seam metal roofing is becoming more and more popular in today’s roofing market. What was once only considered for very cool, very expensive architect-driven structures is now being considered for all residential and commercial roofing solutions, and especially when it comes to Farm and Ranch applications.

Standing Seam or Mechanical Lock metal roofing is known for the seam that rises above the level of roofing itself. Continuous panels run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. Making standing seam a water tight, and wind proof roofing solution for residential and commercial properties. Also if your metal buildings have damaged sidings, standing seam can be a perfect option. 

The only known disadvantage is: Fewer Roofers.  

Most roofing contractors can find their way around an asphalt shingle installation and the cost of supporting equipment is very low. I remember roofing with asphalt with nothing but a ladder, hammer, tin snips and chalk line. Standing seam metal roofing requires more of an investment. Often times our trailer with the rolling machine can be brought out right to your property. But most roofers are not willing to make this investment into their roofing company so, the only disadvantage is fewer and fewer roofers doing quality metal roofing installs. Call now, we can bring our showroom to you. 

Roof Inspections. Expert Roof Certs

Greg Wood, Roof Experts doing a roof inspection from Great Falls MT to Dillon, MT

 Roof Certifications and Roof Inspections 

If you are planning a real estate transaction or re-financing a mortgage you may want to look into a roof certification. Most lenders will require this whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your property. A roof certification is a statement of opinion by a licensed contractor considering the roof’s life expected life span. 

Roof certifications are separate from home inspections although they typically cost about the same: $350-$750 for commercial property.

If your home does not require roof repair or replacement, a reputable roofing contractor will then estimate the remaining life expectancy and certify this inspection. 

  If the roof does require repairs, after the repairs are performed, the roofing company will then issue the roof certification. In the case of a total roof replacement, upon completion your roofing contractor should issue you a roof certification, with a specific life span or life expectancy of your new roof. This should not be taken to be used a warranty, just a professional opinion. And if you are planning a financial transaction we will save you up To $750 right from the start. Call for your FREE roof inspection and roof cert today!

Committed to Customer Service

Great Falls, Mt roofing contractors Greg and Jeanette Wood visiting Dillon, MT

Remodeling Contractors since 1994, Greg and Jeanette brought together the best in the business to create his dream. Though he takes pride in all aspects of remodeling, working in the storm restoration industry in Great Falls, Helena, Dillon, and Bozeman and surrounding areas has lead to a passion for quick, efficient, and transparent repairs and roofing and siding installations. 

Greg's experience as a general contractor lead to dreams coming alive in all aspects of remodeling. His expertise in remodeling management, his drive for excellence and the passion he has for bringing your remodeling dreams to life has lead to many great projects.  Bringing value to your remodel is his goal. 

In the Storm Restoration industry roofing, siding, and windows are a priority and need to be addressed quickly. Greg is all about structure, organization and meeting deadlines. Through general oversight, project performance and direct, daily communication with remodeling team leaders, his focus is to bring your job to completion on time and on budget. 

we look forward to serving you today, and in the future.  with your insurance companies, mortgagors, submit your supplentals to insure you are being treated fairly, and overall to complete your project, hassle free and beyond your expectations. 

As always, we look forward  to serving you today and inthe future. 

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Bannack, MT

More About Beaverhead County, Montana

Some Interesting Facts About Beaverhead County, Montana


Some Interesting Facts about Beaverhead County, Montana

Did you know that the Beaverhead Valley or Beaverhead County is the largest county by area in the United States with a population of 9,246. That is only two residents per square mile. Of course, the Beaverhead Valley is known for being one of the largest cattle and hay producing areas in Montana. The county seat is Dillon, MT.  Much of the perimeter is the Continental Divide. 

Bannack was the scene of Montana’s first gold strike and went on to be the first territorial capital. The Battle of the Big Hole was carried out along the banks of Trail Creek with the Nez Perce Indians in 1877. One of the best sightseeing tours is the tour of Bannack State Park. It is located just 26 miles southwest of Dillon and offers gold panning, camping, picnicking, and walking tours. 

Lewis and Clark explored many sights including Beaverhead Rock, Clark’s Lookout, Camp Fortunate, and Gibbons Pass. 

Other great spots in the Beaverhead Valley include Dell and Jackson, near the head waters of the BigHole River. The Jackson area offers fishing, hunting, skiing, and snow mobiling and promises recuperative hot springs and mineral pools. 

To find events or a place to rest check out, also have a video Gallery that is fantastic. 

More About the Beaverhead Valley

One of the best sources of information when exploring the Beaverhead Valley is the  Visit Southwest Montana website. There you can find ideas on what to see and do, upcoming events, recommendations on where to stay, trip ideas, and some great videos.